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Dining at Bayside

The décor of the dining rooms follow the theme created throughout Bayside Manor, which is a Victorian design. There are separate dining rooms for Assisted Living and Special Care residents. As you enter a Bayside Manor's dining room, you feel right at home as the special aromas awaken the senses.

Special Care 2 Dining room

There is music to enjoy meals by, and our excellent service is there to make sure our residents are eating a well-balanced meal. Every seating offers a variety of entrees. Our staff consists of a board certified dietician to assist residents with special dietary needs, two wonderful chefs who continually strive to keep our residents completely happy, and our friendly servers.

private dining room

Our private dining room can be reserved by our residents for birthday celebrations, anniversary parties, or just quality time to share a meal with family. We also strive to keep all holidays festive, creating a different party theme for each special day. These special parties, along with our special barbecues in our courtyard, create a special atmosphere at Bayside.

Special Care Dining room

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